Symphobia Series

Symphobia 1, 2 and 3 are our orchestral flagship libraries, each volume packing a large set of newly recorded material that has not been released in any other form before.

The Symphobia Series offer more instruments in greater detail (more articulations, more dynamic layers) than the selected sounds in the Orchestral Essentials Series. It also offers multiple microphone sets. The Symphobia Series interface allows for greater control over the instruments and sounds compared to the Orchestral Essentials interface.

Orchestral Essentials Series

Orchestral Essentials 1 and 2 are our 'best of' libraries: compilations of the most essential instruments and articulations, taken from the entire ProjectSAM catalog. This compilation is not limited to the Symphobia Series. Orchestral Essentials also features content from True Strike 1 & 2, Orchestral Brass Classic, Organ Mystique and Concert Harp.

The Orchestral Essentials Series offers a more out-of-the-box, compact experience and has a simpler, 1-articulation-per-instrument interface.

The Orchestral Essentials Series does have a selection of unique content not found in any of our other libraries, such as the Piano Mystique instrument. It also features a unique set of Multis.

Noticeable differences:

Symphobia SeriesOrchestral Essentials Series
Library detailFullSelection of instruments
Instrument detailFullSelection of articulations/dynamics
Interface controlsFull controlsEssential controls
Instrument layoutMultiple articulations per instrumentSingle articulation per instrument
Microphone sets2 or 31
NKS supportYesYes
Audio format44.1/2444.1/24
Kontakt Player licenseYesYes
MultisYes, unique to libraryYes, unique to library
Contains non-Symphobia instrumentsNoYes
Size of entire Series per mic set36 GB19 GB