When opening the ProjectSAM Updater on OS X, the following error appears: "The file updateinfo.dat was not found. Please redownload the update package."


This error means that the ProjectSAM Updater you downloaded is not compatible with your version of OS X.


  1. Contact us to report the issue and receive an adjusted Updater app.
  2. Install the update manually by following the instructions below.

Manual updating instructions:

  1. Open the update package and locate the folder named Data.
  2. If you don't see a folder named Data, right-click the ProjectSAM Updater, select Show Package Contents, then open the folder Contents.
  3. Now go into the folder Data.
  4. Copy the [Library].nicnt file from the Data folder to your existing Library folder, overwriting the existing file.
  5. Copy the following folders from the Data folder to your existing Library folder, overwriting, not merging, the existing folders.
    • Documentation
    • Instruments
    • Multis
    • Snapshots
  6. Go into the Samples folder located in the Data folder and copy all of the files inside to the Samples folder that is located in your existing Library folder. Some files will be overwritten, others will be added. The result will be the merging of both Samples folders.